Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A few things you missed

Happy Tuesday, y'all! I know in my previous post I mentioned as one of my October goals was to blog more.... well, considering this is my second blog in all of October and it's almost November I didn't fall through. BUT I have many reasons to which I'll share :)

Over the past couple of weeks Caleb & I have been anxiously awaiting an approval of our offer on the home we want as a first home together! Well guess who got an acceptance from the bank? Us. I can not tell you how happy we were to hear them finally accept it. I screeched like a little girl. Eeeeeek! I was in class when the realtor sent us the good news and had to wait to find out why my phone was blowing up with texts/calls/emails. But let me tell you; it was the best news we've heard in a while about the home.

Other events that occurred while I was MIA from blogging: Our Save the Dates. Luckily Caleb's sister has a nice camera and was able to take them for us free of charge! I mean...who doesn't love free things? No one!Crazy people actually. 
Sneak peak ->

Besides that, we also went on a little idea shopping date for future furniture for our home. I am beyond excited to start the renovation process to our little fixer-upper. Thankfully I have a sweet man and future father-inlaw who are GREAT handymen. Y'all, they can fix a.n.y.t.h.i.n.g & for that, I'm more grateful. I sure did pick the right one ;) 

Do y'all have any tips for new home almost owners? Any cute decorations for around the house? I'd love to talk diy because I'm  sucker for stuff from scratch. Comment and let me know what cute ideas you have/d for your home. Or you can email me Here.

On another note: God is working great on me and my life. I'm still in school surviving and keeping my grades to A's.I graduate in May a week before our wedding ;) I am in the midst of my application to the university of Florida (UF Gators) and am praying nonstop that once I submit it they will accept me when the time comes for acceptancees. So friends and family please keep me in your prayers over the next couple of months + especially as I go through the waiting process of hearing my determination.

Whew! That covers quite a bit that has happened. 

Something to look forward to

*Getting out of my boot- I broke my ankle back in September doing a mudrun. I know you're thinking how in the world? The monkey bars. Don't trust em! I slipped and fell right down hard on my ankle and my knee caved. So I broke my left ankle in three places with a severe sprain and have a nice contusion (Bruise) in my right knee. So blessed to have been taken care of over the past several weeks but I can't wait to get my boot off on Halloween and be able to finally wear matching shoes! Let alone two shoes! 
P.S. When I was little I wanted a broken bone so bad so I would be able to wear a cast that I would roll off my bunk-bed and land on my arm just to break it. No luck. But some years later I'm biting my tongue because it is NOT fun.

*The holidays- Hello! Thanksgiving is only 30 days away, y'all. Which means Black Friday is so close after. Christmas is 57. Holy flippin cow time is flying. I love the holidays not only for the amazing food but for the moments I get to spend with my loved ones. With everyone working and in school it's hard for us all to gather often. With the holidays it gives us that special time to create fun moments to talk about years to come. 

Here's a last reminder for the week: "and let us consider how to stimulate one another to love and good deeds"

With love, Britt

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Let the Fall begin

Hey y'all! It's been a while since I've blogged.. I guess it's because I've got so much going on!

I never knew going to school, planning a wedding, and having a job would be so time consuming ;)

Since the last time I was on here we had our engagement party & man oh man was is great! Seeing people who love us, there, celebrating with Caleb and I made the party even better. That started the whole families becoming one process for the Murphy side and Tilley side. "And above all these put on love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony." Colossians 3:14

 My high school friends make me miss those days back in senior year! Love love love them!

 This woman is so selfless and thoughtful. She put together the whole engagement party with help from her friends and the Tilley's just to celebrate Caleb and I. My Mema

Two peas in a pod- Grandpa

On another note... It's FALLLLLLLLL! Better yet, It's October! You know what this means, right? Pumpkins, flavored coffee, leaves changing, beautiful trees, cool breeze, over-sized sweaters, bonfires, Hayrides, baking, Halloween, and LOVE.

With Fall & October inspiring me I've decided to make three goals for this month and hope to follow through with it for months to come.

Here they are: 

Pray more for people-I pray every single night for my family, friends, Caleb & myself but I feel like it's not enough. I want to pray every time I get the chance to help someone and when I know they need it. I hope to pray for a broader spectrum than just people I know or like. "Pray without ceasing," 1 Thessalonians 5:17

Increase my blog time-With all this school, work, wedding planning and such on my plate I barely get time to sit down and write to y'all. Secretly, I love writing but never get to. So I'm making it a goal to try and blog more for at least this month just so I can express what I'm going through in life and share it!

Grown more with Caleb-You all may think... Aren't you with Caleb 24/7? Well, sort of! But I love the man sooooo, I can be. I want to grow closer with him on new levels and focus on our relationship as a whole. I mean, we are about to get married and spend the rest of our lives together. I want to pray for our relationship and see what good comes from praying together. I hope to start doing more Christ-centered things with Him other than church and our separate prayer time. Unity 

I think these goals are doable and especially since they are fun! I can't wait to see things change in this new season (literally) but of my life as a Bride-to-be. 


Although Caleb & I are together whenever we aren't working or doing other things, we appreciate the time we get to have when we are with each other, as if it's rare.
Usually,we're home bodies but when we get the chance to go out we LOVE it. Especially if it's a sushi date! Just getting to dress up nice, go out to eat, and spend time with this hunk is a great time to me. I could go on literally all day about how madly in love I am with him but I'll save you the sappiness for some other time;) 

All right y'all, here is when I need you for prayers! My soon-to-be cousin is being deployed in Greece for 15 months. 15 months people!!! He definitely needs all the prayer he can get as he travels thousands of miles away from home to serve our country.

Pray for safe travels, protection over him & his friends, quick return, and that he remain close with God. We'll miss you, Barrett! Love you, buddy!

Wowzers, this was a lengthy post! But totally worth for making up for lost time. All in all I have a beautifully thankful happy life and could not be any more blessed. 


Talk to you soon, <3