Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A little holiday cheer

Hello, lovelies! :) I hope you all are having a wonderful week so far. I am super excited to do this post because it's my Christmas wish list! Which means... It's that time of the year!! Woooooo. Bitter sweet

So without further ado here it goes:






1. Garmin workout watch- Would come in great handy for my workouts

2. Nikon Camera- I would like one of these for special moments with family & friends. Perfect

3. Nike 4.0 Running shoes- Im in dire need of new shoes. These are so cute & my favorite style I've been using

4. Naked Palette 2- A girl can never have enough makeup ;)

5. Michael Kors Watch- A leeetle high priced but It's my most wanted item

6. Steel Chevron Tumbler- I'm a decaf coffee drinker & this caught my eye at how adorable it was!

7. Essie Winter Collection- LOVE these colors

8. Northface Jacket- I don't really have a good jacket that keeps me warm besides tight hoodies. Thus, I'd love a North face jacket. The fleece is so warming and comfy might I add!

9. Elbow patch sweater- WANT

Although is may seem materialistic and crazy, believe trust me I'm not a needy/wanty person. However, Christmas is all about Jesus for one, and wants. Not needs. It's about celebrating with those you love & passing around gifts for all to enjoy. I can't wait to Celebrate Caleb and Is one year together and enjoy the holidays.

                                                    What are some of your holiday wants?

With love, Britt


  1. Awesome shoe choice!! And I love that eye shadow!



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