Saturday, November 30, 2013

A closing for Thanks

Hello dear friends! Last November post about my thankfullness :) but, that doesn't mean my thankfullness stops. I'm thankful January 1st- December 31st.

November 24th- My community

November 25th- My desire to heal people

November 26th- My family's tradition of decorating for the holidays

November 27th- A gym

November 28th- Family time

November 29th- Salt & vingar chips ;)

November 30th- Love & laughter


Now... CHRISTMAS COUNTDOWN! I am so stinkin excited about the upcoming holiday, y'all!

I'm also very excited for tomorrows blog post because it will hold my Christmas wish list and more. Yeeeeeeeep! I love this time of year. "It's the most wonderful time of the year."

                   We are currently decorating at our house and already put our tree up. Next is ornaments and lights. I. can. not. wait.

Things I'm super duper excited for:

1. Christmas smells
2. Shopping(Aside from Black Friday which I did.. for twelve hours)
3. Light seeing
4. Moments together with both mine + Caleb's families
5. Christmas music
6. Exchange of presents
7. Break from college
8. Meals for the holiday
9. Mistletoes
10. Celebrating our One True King

Stay tuned for tomorrows post! It'll be fun ;)

What are y'all excited for?
                                                   With love, Britt

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