Saturday, November 9, 2013

I know the way to my mans heart

His stomach, of course! ;) while my man was working all day today & two hours OVER his time I made us dinner.

Grilled chicken Parmesan with green beans (slight dose of garlic) and sweet potatos mashed. I did pretty well if I say so myself... I'm a little biased. But, this does give me good chances to start cooking more in preparation for when we are married which is in 198 days!!!! Six months and eight days :) I am too excited. Last night was a treat for me because Carebear made us steaks and broccoli with cheese. 

Now I am writing to y'all as Caleb showers and I relax on the sofa getting ready for a night of Alabama V. LSU game, relaxation, and cuddles. Nothing. Better

I am so thankful for calm nights. If my calling towards becoming a Physicians Assistant is still a yes in Gods book then I can only imagine what my schedule will be like and days/nights at the hospital will be like. So being home with the one I love just sitting is a blessing. Weird right? I should be thankful for something more? Nooooope! Cuddling and talking about our day is a heaping bowl happiness for this girl!

What is something little y'all thankful for?

Now I'm off to lay in his arms and enjoy the rest of our night together. Have a wonderful evening, sweet friends
P.S sorry for all the girlish talk 

With love, Britt 

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