Saturday, November 23, 2013

I really need to get on my game

Okay okayI confess, I may have been absent for to weeks almost :/ but I'm back!

Y'all life has been so busy with school, and my newly returned transfer job; that I had no time to do anything but sleep (barely) haha.
   Things to recap:
1. I got a new job at the hospital where I've been working but now in a new department. I love it! I get to wear my favorite type of clothing which is fancy work attire :) yaaaaay! I work in admitting now so I  get to see lots of pregnant mommas preregistering to have their babies there... Can't wait for that to be me one day (five years from now) ;)

2. Thanksgiving is just around the corner and I'm more excited than ever! Plus that means Christmas decor comes out at our house. I can't get enough of the smell of fresh firewood, glimpse of glistening lights draped around the tree, and 25 days til Christmas countdown on ABC family. So much happiness

3. I owe y'all thirteen things I'm thankful for so here goes


My house
My kitten
My education
My morals
My coffee mug
My cell phone
My relationship with Caleb
My love for helping people( medically) but also emotionally
My job
My support from family and friends
God's grace
My calling for the future
My baby blanket-Yes, I said it.


That's it! All up to date. I feel a lot better now that I'm back where I'm suppose to be!

    What are you thankful for in this beautiful Saturday?

With love, Britt


  1. congrats on your new job! so exciting!

  2. Congrats on the new job! Sounds like so much fun! And I looove ABC's 25 days of Christmas, it just makes me happy!

    1. It warms my heart to watch it with the fam! Have a great holiday my friend :)

  3. Congrats on the job! Exciting! And I totally understand the excitement about being able to dress up for work. After 6 years of wearing scrubs, I was (and still am!) excited about dressing up for work!

    1. Right?? So fun to just pair a cardigan with dress pants or a blouse and skirt. LOVE it! xoxo


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